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Early Start

Early Start

Early Start is a collaborative program to provide early intervention services to infants and toddlers from birth until age three who have a disability in any of the following area:

o        Physical

o        Cognitive and Adaptive Development

o        Communication

o        Social and Emotional


Services are provided by Early Intervention Teachers, therapists, and others who have knowledge of working with very young children with disabilities and their families.  Children in this program are evaluated and have an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) developed to address their needs and describe the services that they will receive.  Services are provided in the home, at Gould Educational Center, and other environments suitable for that child and his or her family.


Central Valley Regional Center (CVRC) works closely with the Madera County Superintendent of Schools Office of Education and the Madera/Mariposa SELPA to evaluate and provide a range of services to the infant/toddler and the family.


A family support program, Early Start Family Resource Center, works closely with the family of infants and toddlers with a disability.  The goal of the Early Start Family Resource Center is to help, encourage, provide resources, training, and support to families of children with disabilities. Information is available through a resource library, parent groups, guest speakers, presentations, conferences, and seminars.  For more information, please contact:


Early Start Family Resource Center Coordinator

(559) 674-0915