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Transportation Services
Alex Manriquez, Manager
Open, Dispatcher

Special education student transportation is provided as a related service for students with an identified need.  Students are transported from their home to school and back each day.  Approximately 300 students attend various school sites throughout Madera County.  Some of these students are in wheelchairs and require special care.  The 18 school buses travel more than 370,000 miles annually and cover a service area of 2,147 square miles.  Student safety and quality of service are the primary goals for the transportation system.

The Madera County Superintendent of Schools bus drivers are committed to providing prompt, courteous, and safe transportation for children in the county.  There are some basic rules to follow for safety:

  • Wear a seatbelt
  • Remain seated at all times while the bus is moving
  • Keep arms, hands, and feet out of the aisle and inside the bus
  • Talk quietly, no yelling
  • A referral is given when a child does not behave safely, either while boarding, riding, or exiting the bus
  • In order to arrive on time a pick up/delivery point is needed
    • Designate one pick-up
    • Designate one delivery location
    • Any change requires 3 days to reroute.
    • An adult must receive the child from the bus
    • Designate an alternative address where your child can be delivered in case of an emergency

 Please telephone (559) 674-0709 if your child will not be attending school.  You may leave a message anytime day or night.