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Staff Email Directory

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Adams, Justin

Alaniz, Lilia

Almaguer, Anais

Alvarado, Sylvanna

Alvarez, Elizeth

Amezola, Paula

Anaya, Valene

Andersen, Kristen

Amezola, Beatrice

Arballo, Brittany

Ashby, Michelle

Avila, Valerie



Balbas, Jade

Batista, Mercedes

Bedard, Sheryl

Berdejo, Diana

Black, Michelle

Blate, Lori

Blomgren, Sonia

Boersma, Timothy

Bohall, Brooke

Bonilla, Abel

Bostick, Cynthia

Brattin, Ashlynn

Brewer, Michelle

Brotsis, Barbara

Brown, Christina

Brown, Mary Jo

Burris, Deanna 


Cabello, Bianca

Cabral, Samantha

Camacho, Briceida

Campbell, Jennifer

Canady-Farinelli, Christine

Cardenas, Faviola

Cardenas, Linda

Cardona, Rene

Carney, Steve

Castellanos, Jesus

Castillo, Blanca

Castro, Jessica

Cavallero, Kerin

Cazares, Yesenia

Ceja, Maria

Cervantes, Sulema

Chambers. Patricia

Chandler, Carol

Choate, Ricci

Clancy, Shelly

Clark, Aurora 

Clawson, Cheryl

Cobb, Cortney

Coburn, Chris

Cogan, Fred

Condren, Kathy

Contreras, Juan

Corchado, Abigail

Corchado, Theresa

Cordero, Teresa

Council, Melvin

Cowger, Angela

Cuevas, Joel

Cuevas, Ludi

Cuevas, Leticia




Davis, Angela

Davis, Arthur

Daza, Graciela

Dayuday, Edgar

De La Cerda, Eva

DeGiovanni, David

DeLaGarza, Irasema

DeLaPena, Mandi

Dewall, Julie

Diaz, Karl

Diaz, Rocio

Domokos, Mariann

Donovan, Mary

Duran, Victoria


Ebaugh, Torrey

Eckstein, Dyann

Edmunds, Camille

Elder, Dorene

Ellingson, Scott

Engstrom, Carol

Escanuela, Mary

Escheik, Lutfi

Escoto, Mike

Espinoza, Jose

Esquibel, Mayra

Etheridge, Marisa


Falcon, Maygualida

Farinelli, Christine

Felix, Monica

Fernandez, Cecilia

Fierros, Cassandra

Flores, Maria

Francisco, Reny

Frandsen, Heather

Frank, Dianna

Franklin, Jennifer

Frazee, Paige



Gallegos, Leticia

Gallegos, Nellie

Gamble, Todd

Garcia, Anneliese

Garcia, Chantal

Garcia, Erika

Garcia, Josiah

Garcia, Melissa

Garcia, Mindy

Garcia, Rudy

Garcia, Tammy

Garner, Jennifer

Garrett-Jones, Lisa

Garza, Sylvia

Gaytan, Sandra

Gil, Rosa

Gilstrap, Donna

Girado, Jennifer 

Giron, Jose

Gischel-Lingo, Diane

Glines, Tim

Glueck, Pamela

Gomez, Liz

Gomez, Nathalie

Gonzalez, Ana

Gonzalez, Mariela

Goodale, Chester

Gostanian, Sandra

Gradilla, Priscilla

Gray, Donnie

Grossman, Joshua

Guevara, Karla

Guillen, Laurie




Hall, Mark E. 

Hamel, Halima

Hamilton, Karen

Hansen-Sedor, Mickel

Harabedian, Paula

Harbin, LaKesha

Harner, Rhonda

Haworth, Debra

Henderson, Kathi

Henry, Maryann

Hernandez, Lydia

Hernandez, Molly

Hernandez, Michael

Hernandez, Ruth

Hernandez, Serina

Hernandez, Veronica

Hill, Kelley

Hill, Tanya

Holcroft, Carrie

Hollis, Alyssa

Horsley, Susan

Hukill, Kelly



Igler, Anthony

Iniguez, Leslie



Jensen, Anita

Jones, Jacklyn

Jorgensen, Teresa



Kastner, Claudia

Kaur, Navjeet

Kean, Jennifer

Keeler, Roderick

Kinley, Alethia 

Klein, Betty

Kline, Kelly 

Koperberg, Fabiola

Korte, Justin

Kreps, Lee Ann

Kump, Lori



Lao, Elden

Lara, Cheryl

Lara, Larry

Lee, Shellie

Lenz, Anna

LeQuia, Terri

Levine, Hugh

Lewis, Tracie

Lewis, Tasha

Linderholm, Kim

Lingo, Dennis  

Little, Dani

Lopez, Chris

Lopez, Esmeralda

Lopez, Jennifer

Lopez, Jorge

Lopez, LaVerne

Lopez, Lisa

Lopez, Sally

Lopez, Shea

Lua, Yolanda

Ludwig, Kevin

Lujan, Donna

Lundy, Jennifer 



Macadangdang, Kurt

Maciel, Ericka

Madrigales, Vanessa

Magallanes, Maria

Magdaleno, Graciela

Maher, Gabriela

Mahowald, Mary

Manriquez, Alex

Manzano, Gabriela

Marroquin, Angelica

Marsh, Dianna

Martinez, Armondo

Martinez, Felicity

Martinez, Juanita

Martinez, Lagina

Martinez, Lanissa

Martinez, Melissa

Marwaha, Irwinder

Massetti, Cecilia

Matthews, Brandon

McConnell, Mary Anne

McCully, Tracey

McCully, Wendy

McDonald, Dustin

McEwen, Kenneth

McKown, Patricia

Mejia, Jenny

Mendez, Adalyd

Mendez, Angela

Mendez, Edlin

Mendez, Evelyn

Mendez, Jose

Mendez, Naraceli

Mendoza, Graciela

Mensch, Mary

Mercado, Lisa

Mercier, Jason

Merkle, Nancy

Mesa, Susana

Meyer, Kate

Meza, Norma

Miller, Larry

Mitchell, Jennifer

Mohr, Cheryl

Molina, Helena

Montes, Carmina

Montoya, Laura

Mora, Sofia

Morales, Abigail

Morales, Rosemary

Moreno, Cynthia

Moreno, Lisa

Morgan, Dawn

Morley, Ryan

Murphy, Darlene

Musacchio, Krissell



Nainoa, Darcy

Najarian, Tina

Navarro, Rita

Neely, Jennifer

Nelson, Tamara

Neumeier, Leslie

Nielson, Nancy

Nungaray, Jamie


Ocampo, Jeanette

Ocampo, Rodolfo

Ochoa, Lanette

Oliva, Troy

Olivera, Antonio

Orozco, Brittany

Orozco, Norma

Ortega, Jacqueline

Ortiz, Selena

Oswald, Nanette



Paat-Stansbury, Neneng

Paccassi, Summer

Padilla, Sofia

Padilla, Valencia

Panabaker, Sylvia

Parrott, Mark

Pascale, Jennifer

Pascale, Lincoln

Patel, Dilkanth

Paynter, Esther

Pennell, Susan

Perez, Angelica

Perez, Corry

Perez, Jessica

Perez, Shanee

Pedersen, Chantiel

Pedersen, Sarah

Peterson, Jason

Peterson, Tim

Phelps, Megan

Plauson, Brenda

Prado, Angela

Protzman, Patricia

Puga, Tanya




Quezada, Laura



Ramirez, Olga

Ramirez, Sophia

Ramos, Laura

Ramos, Nancy

Ramos, Sonia

Resendez, Anita

Resendez, Araceli

Resendez, Blanca

Revis-Green, Sharon

Rey, Melissa

Reyes, Alicia

Reyes, Angel

Reyes, Brenda

Reyes, Corina

Reyes, Obed

Reyna, Heriberto

Riar, Oprindera

Rivera, Isabel

Rivera, Lorena

Rocha, Claudia

Rocha, Esmeralda

Rodriguez, Elizabeth

Rodriguez, Holly

Rodriguez, Karla

Rodriguez, Kristina

Rodriguez, Laura

Rodriguez, Roxanna

Roget, Karen

Rojas, Emanuel

Rojas, Yuridia

Rollins, Curtis

Romero, Diane

Rosales, Jesus

Rubio, Eliza

Rubio, Sylvia

Ruiz, Tricia



Salas, Rosalia

Salinas, Brett

Salvador, Marisol

Sanchez, Elizabeth

Sanchez, Hugo

Sanchez, Margarita

Sanchez, Victoria

Sanders, Paige

Santos, Elena

Sargent, James

Savory, Dawn

Schmick, Genesis

Segovia, Irma

Serna, Annette

Serna, Ernie

Seymour, Cindy

Shockley III, Robert

Sidoti, Sarah

Simko, Rebecca 

Smith, Dennisse

Smith, Rosalinda

Smith, Sheila

Solis, Andrea

Solis, Sandra

Springer, Donna

St. Lucia, Renee

Stargaard, Keri

Steinmetz, Susan

Stiles, Kellie

Sweazy, Scott


Tafoya, Tawny

Tamayo, Laurice

Taylor, Amanda

Tejeda-Williams, Teresa

Thao, Thep

Torres, Myrtha

Torres, Yvette

Trevino, Lisa A.

Trimble, Bonnie

Tritch, Kerry

Tucker, Amanda






Valenzuela, Sara

Vallejo, Ryan

Velarde-Crist, Maria

Verduzco-Samanc, Susie

Vieyra, Maria

Villegas, Elizabeth

Viramontes, Andrea

Von Raesfeld, Teresa

Vue, Lisa



Waddell, Donna

Wayland, Rhonda

Weiss, Judith

West, Dolores

Whaley, Jackie

Willberg, Shelly

Wimbish, Steven

Winter, Kristi

Wong, Virginia

Woodley, John

Woods, Kathryn

Wright, Teresa





Yada, Stacy

Yang, Mee

Yohman, Rhonda



Zimmer, Sarah

Zuniga, Joseph