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The curriculum is based on the California Standards for Professional Educational Leaders (CPSELs) and is divided into the following six core courses:

  1. Shared Vision of Learning
  2. Culture of Teaching and Learning
  3. Culturally Conscious Leadership
  4. Personal Ethics and Leadership Capacity
  5. Social, Political, Economic, Legal and Cultural Understanding
  6. Management of the School in the Service of Teaching and Learning

The coursework is designed to be:

  • 50% Face-to-face instruction
  • 25% Online instruction
  • 25% Fieldwork

The "textbooks" used in the Bridges to Leadership - PASC Program are all researched based, current and would be found on most effective leaders' bookshelves.

Some of the authors include: Rick and Becky DuFour, Bob Eaker, Bob Marzano, Stephen Covey, Michael Fullan, Carol Anne Tomlinson, Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe to name a few.

K12 Approach

The curriculum in the Bridges to Leadership - PASC Program has all been developed from within the Madera County Office of Education along with input from consultants.

This insures consistency in delivery, content and assessments used in each class and provides an articulated and comprehensive approach in developing proficiency of the participants in the leadership standards.