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Student Events

For more than 35 years Madera County Superintendent of Schools has sponsored various student academic events to challenge students to use their minds in a wide variety of settings.  The students competing in these programs are enrolled in grades K-12.  The programs are designed to take notice of the excellent and creative elementary, junior and senior high school programs offered in the schools of Madera County.

The purposes for these competitions are to recognize and reward students for academic success and to promote the value of learning.  Our students are encouraged to study in the areas of art, mathematics, science, written and oral communication, logical thinking, problem solving, and current events, in order to acquire knowledge and to develop into educated community leaders.

Madera County Superintendent of Schools' student events are generously supported by the businesses and the residents of Madera County.

We are now on Facebook!  Visit Madera County Office of Education-Student Events on

For more information, contact Kristi Winter, Coordinator, Student Events, at (559) 662-3873 or email at