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 Executive LPC Committee  

LPC Committee

The LPC membership consists of members who have either been appointed by the Madera County Board of Supervisors or the Madera County Superintendent of Schools as mandated by the Education Code, Sections 8499.3 and 8499.5.

The LPC collects and reviews data to identify early care and education priorities in the county; develops a Comprehensive Early Care and Education Needs Assessment; prepares a Five-Year Countywide Early Care and Education Strategic Plan; and awards stipends through the Staff Retention Program (AB212), for the retention and education of ECE staff, who are employed in state subsidized programs.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the LPC, contact Gabriela Maher for more information at (559) 662-3825 or by e-mail at

To be appointed by the Madera County Superintendent of Schools or the Madera County Board of Supervisors, download the application below.

Madera County Child and Development Planning Council Application