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Madera County Courthouse Art Project 

The Madera Superior Court selected 13 art pieces created by high school students from throughout the county to display at the new Madera Courthouse. The selected art pieces are part of a permanent collection that spans all four floors. The two-dimensional artwork represents a cross section of cases heard by the Superior Court during the last 100 years in Madera County. To prepare students for their depiction of the cases, members of the Madera County legal community presented detailed case information to high school art classes. With the exception of photography, a variety of media was used. 

Selected Court Cases
Electrocuted Madera Cowboy Sues
     Madera Child Labor Laws (Involving Welfare)
     Cops Fly Over Madera Pot Field to Get Search Warrant
     Parade Float Runs Over Girl
     San Joaquin River Boundary Dispute Between Madera and Fresno Counties
     Madera County Treasurer Caught Stealing    
     Madera Cop-Killer Given Death Penalty
     School's Policy Regarding Boy's Long Hair
     Female Teacher Sues for Pay Equal To Male Teacher
     Madera Funeral Home Operator Illegally Solicits Dead Bodies
     Chowchilla School Bus Kidnapping    


Madera County ArtsFest

To learn more about our countywide art competition for students in grades K-12 click here.