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Alternative Education
Apollo Community Day School
Counseling Office
Discovery Secondary School
Enterprise Intermediate

Alternative Education Programs

Community Day Schools  -  Discovery Secondary School and Challenger Elementary 

Discovery Secondary School is a joint venture with the Chowchilla School District and the Chowchilla High School District.  The program serves students in grades 7 through 12.  Students are assigned to the Discovery program through a district referral process, expulsion, and by Probation.  

Challenger Elementary Community Day School is also a joint venture with the Chowchilla School District and serves students in grades 4-8.  Students are assigned to Challenger through a district referral process, expulsion, and by Probation.

Students who are referred through the Probation Department or the district referral process are those students on probation who are not attending school, receiving poor grades, or are otherwise not successful in the general high school program. Consideration is given to the individual student in determining whether their academic needs can be met in the smaller learning environment offered by the Community Day School.

Community Day School - Apollo Elementary

Alyson Crafton, Principal           559-661-3570


Apollo Elementary is a joint venture with Madera Unified School District and serves students in grades 4-6.  Students are assigned to Apollo through a district referral process, expulsion, or by Probation.


Community and Court Day School

Enterprise Intermediate and Secondary School

Alyson Crafton, Principal          559-661-3570


Enterprise Intermediate and Secondary School is located next to Juvenile Hall in Madera.  It primarily serves students in grades 7 through 12.  Students attending Enterprise have been expelled from a school district in the county, have been referred by their Probation Officer, SARB ( School Attendance Review Board), or have been placed by the Juvenile Court.


The junior high school (grades 7 and 8) is taught in a self-contained classroom program. High school students are grouped.  Students stay with the same group but go to different teachers for their academic instruction.  Electives are offered  during the school day.  Computers are available in classrooms for student use.  Students receive course credits that satisfy graduation requirements and transfer back to their home school or district.  In addition to academic subjects, students are involved in vocational exploration.  They may participate in a Job Skills preparation class and Career Day activities or field trips, including trips to local colleges.   Special Education and health services are available.  Counseling to meet expulsion rehabilitation plans is also provided. 


Students assigned to Enterprise School by the Court participate in extended day programs which include: counseling, participation in the Young Men as Fathers program, drug testing, a parenting program, house arrest, and supervision by on-site Probation Officers.  Court Day School students attend the school day with the other Enterprise students.  The extra program components are provided after school hours.  They are also assigned weekend community service work as a part of their program.  Students completing this program usually continue in the regular community school program at Enterprise until the end of a semester or school year at which time they may transfer back to a school in their home district.


Court School   

Endeavor Secondary School

Alyson Crafton, Principal          559-661-3570


Endeavor Secondary School is the educational program offered at Juvenile Hall in Madera.  It is a secure facility providing temporary care for youth who have been detained and are awaiting a hearing or court-ordered placement.  Some students may attend a general education school program, others may be provided a program in the facility classroom or on the unit.  This placement may reflect the student’s security status. Students are provided studies on their ability level which will assist them in earning credits toward junior high school promotion or high school graduation.  Students may earn academic, elective, and Physical Education credits.


Correctional Camp 

Voyager Secondary School

Alyson Crafton, Principal        559-661-3570


Voyager Secondary School is the Madera County Juvenile Correctional Camp (Boot Camp).  Students are placed into the Voyager Secondary School/Boot Camp by the Juvenile Court Judge. An educational program is provided to these cadets. Most cadets are in grades 9 through 12 and are provided an academic program that assists them in earning credits toward high school graduation.  Cadets rotate in their group between teachers.  The Voyager program includes physical training and counseling.




            Madera County Office of Education

                 Alternative Education Staff

Staff Phone

Avo Atoian                                           Executive Director

(559) 662-6277

Roxanna Rodriguez                             Administrative Assistant II

(559) 662-6271
Alyson Crafton
Principal, Alternative Education
  (559) 662-4856
Claudia Rocha
School Administrative Assistant 
  (559) 662-4853
Diane Romero
Senior Secretary
(559) 662-4852
Aurora Clark
School Psychologist
(559) 662-4859
Angel Reyes
Events Developer
  (559) 662-4866
Sarah Atherton
  (559) 662-4865
Chris Coburn
   (559) 662-4864

Marianna Domokos

  (559) 662-4863

Christine Karr
Resource Specialist

  (559) 662-4876

Nancy Ramos

  (559) 662-4619
Chris Rodriguez                              Teacher (559) 662-4867
Endeavor and Voyager Secondary Teachers 
Joshua Grossmann

(559) 675-7900     

Anthony Igler                                  Teacher (559) 675-7900
Betty Klein                                 
(559) 675-7900
Ken McEwen                                 
(559) 675-7900