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Madera County Office of Education > Career and Alternative Education


Career and Alternative Education Services

The Career and Alternative Education Services programs, offer a wide variety of services to students that need an educational option different from their prior experiences.  We offer programs in Career Technical Education, Charter School Options and Alternative Education Programs.  Our programs are designed with a lower student to teacher ratio, and a small school environment where staff reaches out to students. 

Students have the opportunity to meet with instructors during class time, before school, and after school.  We offer ELD and Academic Intervention classes, after school tutoring, Career Technical Programs, and after school credit recovery classes.

Our staff gets to know the students' capabilities and can offer specific solutions to both learning and emotional needs.  Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of field trips focused on academic learning and after school sports programs.



Career and Alternative Education Services Staff


James Sargent


Chief, Career Technical and Alternative Education Services


Leslie Neumeier


Director, Career Technical & Alternative Education Services

Principal, Madera County Independent Academy


Mike Escoto


Coordinator, Career Technical Education


Brett Salinas


Principal, Pioneer Technical Center


Aurora Clark


School Psychologist


Academic Counseling


Maygualida Falcón


School Counselor


Myrtha Torres


School Counselor


Elizabeth Rodriguez 662-3842

School Counselor/ Foster Youth


Karla Guevara


Counseling Specialist



School Sites:

Pioneer Technical Center is a public charter high school, established in 2002. Winner of the golden Bell Award under the category Invigorating High Schools and accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Pioneer Technical Center promotes an education process that emphasizes vocational and technical skills leading to career employment

Madera County Independent Academy is an Independent study program using a Personalized Learning Teacher who leads students and parents through the individualized curriculum and learning modes, and provides one-on-one site-based instruction.  Our approach encourages students to be highly involved in educational process, thereby becoming self-motivated, competent, life-long learners.

Alternative Education

Court School
The court and community schools provide education programs for students from grades seven to twelve.  Court schools are mandatory and serve students who have been referred by the Probation Department or school district because they are at high risk for school failure.

Voyager Secondary School
Voyager Secondary School is the Madera County Juvenile Correctional Camp (Boot Camp).  Students are placed into the program by the Juvenile Court Judge.  an educational program is provided to these cadets.  Most cadets are in grades 9 through 12 and are provided an academic program that assists them in earning credits toward high school graduation.