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Data Processing


The Data Processing Group supports nine school districts in Madera County with the HP3000 Financial System.   We provide the following services:     


Our Programming Services include modifications to existing software and development of new software to support a wide range of Payroll, Personnel and Financial Applications. The Data Processing staff currently maintains approximately 2,500 programs on an HP3000 Legacy System.


Consulting Services:

Upon request, the Data Processing staff installs PC software, trains users on the system, and provides documentation and system manuals.   We also provide technical assistance via telephone, email, or site visits. 


Payroll Services:

Payroll processing for all employees in nine Districts is done monthly for approximately 4,250 employees.  In addition, a Mid-Month payroll is processed for employees who are paid bi-monthly, ranging from 50 to 300 depending on time of year.   An Emergency payroll is processed as well, usually at the beginning of each month.   W2 Wage and Tax Forms are processed yearly; last year over 5,700 were produced.


Accounts Payable Services:

Accounts Payable processing for all districts is done as needed.   Approximately 6,000 checks are printed monthly, including 600 Voluntary Deductions payments to vendors. 


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