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Madera County Board of Education

The Madera County Board of Education consists of seven (7) members elected from one of 7 areas. The
term of office is four (4) years.  Except as allowed by the Brown Act, board actions take place in public session to give interested and concerned citizens and groups an opportunity to be heard.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at
3:30 p.m. in Conference Room 5 of the Madera County Office of Education, 1105 South Madera Avenue in Madera. General information is available by calling the Madera County Superintendent of Schools at (559) 662-6274.

  Area 1 - Grant Sturm
  Representing portions of the
  Golden Valley Unified School District,
  Chawanakee Unified, Yosemite
  Unified School District and the Bass
  Lake Joint Union School District. 
  Member since November 1994.
                   Term expires November 2020.

  Area 2 - Sara  Wilkins (President)
  Representing portions of Raymond
  Knowles, Bass Lake Joint Union 
School Districts and Yosemite Unified 
  School District. Member since 
1989.  Served as 
  President of the California County
                   Boards of Education in 2003.  Term 
                   expires November 2018. 

  Area 3 – Alfred Soares, Jr.
  Representing Chowchilla and
  Chowchilla High School districts,
  Alview Dairyland and portions of
  Madera Unified School District. 
  Member since December 2014.    
  Term expires November 2018.

  Area 4 – Nancy Prosperi
  Representing a portion of the
  Madera Unified 
School District.
  Member since September 2015.  
  Term expires November 2020.


  Area 5 – Cathie Bustos (Vice

  Representing a portion of the
  Golden Valley Unified and Madera
Unified School Districts.  Member
  since March 1998. Served as 
  President of the California County
                   Boards of Education in 2010. 
Term expires November 2020.

  Area 6 – Joe Vived
Representing a portion of Madera
  Unified School District. Member
  since December 
2016. Term
  expires November 2018.

  Area 7 – Bobby Thatcher
  Representing a portion of Madera
  Unified School District.  Member
  since December 1983.  Term 
  expires November 2020.


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California School Boards Association (CSBA)