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Educational Services
Dianna Marsh, M.A., Assistant Superintendent

The County Superintendent provides leadership and support to school districts to ensure continuous improvement of curriculum development, instructional delivery, student assessment, teacher preparation and ongoing professional development to both certificated and classified employees.

In addition, Madera County Superintendent of Schools operates career and technical education, and child care and childcare development programs.

Madera County Superintendent of Schools supports and provides services on a regional basis.   Madera County hosts the Regional System of District and School Support (RSDSS) and Regional Leadership Services (RLS).  These programs are designed to support the low performing schools in the Central Valley Service Region.

Ed Services Quick Reference 2017-2018                                


Name                             Title                                                                   Phone

Dianna Marsh, M.A.      Assistant Superintendent,                                   (559) 662-3871
                                      Educational Services

Art Davis, M.A.              Director,                                                              (559) 662-3862
                                      LCAP & Strategic Planning

Scott Ellingson, M.A.     Math Specialist                                                   (559) 662-3863

Jacklyn Jones, B.A.       Coordinator,                                                        (559) 662-3821
                                       Preschool Programs

Tina Najarian, M.A.        Coordinator,                                                       (559) 662-3820
                                       Early Learning Support Services

Susan Pennell, M.A.       Manager,                                                           (559) 662-6263
M.L.I.S.                           Library Media Services

James Sargent, M.A.     Program Director,                                               (559) 662-3801
                                       District & School Renewal

Kristi Winter, B.A.           Coordinator, Student Events                              (559) 662-3873
                                       Educational Services

Kathy Woods, M.A.        Director,                                                              (559) 662-3876
                                       Curriculum & Instruction

Jenn Girado                   Senior Administrative Assistant,                         (559) 662-3870
                                       Educational Services

Ana Gonzalez                Program Administrative Assistant,                      (559) 662-3861
                                       ECE & LPC

Gabriela Maher              Senior Secretary,                                                (559) 662-3825
                                       CARES Program

Roxanna Rodriguez       Administrative Assistant II,                                  (559) 662-6271
                                       Educational Services

Lorena Rivera                Family Support Specialist,                                   (559) 662-3816
                                       Preschool Programs

Rebecca Simko              Digital Media Technician,                                    (559) 662-6276
                                       Educational Resources & Services

Jackie Whaley                Administrative Assistant,                                     (559) 662-3875
                                       Curriculum & Instruction


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